An illustration inspired by the story of Dorian Gray. What we see in historical portraits, and what happens in reality, is not always as it seems.
Trump's government has backed out of the UN Human Rights Council after being the subject of much criticism over his treatment of young children crossing the American border illegally. But also because of an 'anti-Israeli' sentiment in the Council...
Depicting the Regina police forcefully removing peaceful protesters near the Parliament in Regina (Sk), June 2018. The protesters were protesting the forceful removal of their children from their homes during the implementation of Residential School system, again throughout the Sixties Scoop, and again today through the Foster Care system.
This series explores notions relating to immigration, migration, and human mobility on this planet. In current news and through a historical lens, humans have sought new opportunities on new lands. How we frame this mobility, how we describe it, enable it... that is what I have tried to question.
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